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COVID -19 Safety Plan 




  • Resources for staff available- mental health, physical health, self- assessment

  • Staff undergo orientation before they can work any shift, which includes these guidelines, hand-washing technique, how to don and doff PPE and coughing etiquette

  • Staff self-assess before each shift

  • Shift start times and break times staggered so no crowding in staff area

  • Only person in staff area at once

  • All pertinent shift information communicated to staff before their shift starts

  • Staff will not have phones on the floor, will leave them in staff area

  • Each shift there is a health and safety contact person, either the manager or the person assigned to cleaning duty

  • One staff member assigned to cleaning duty, starts at front of pub through to kitchen and clears all tables continuously

  • No personal items left overnight in staff area

  • Staff do not hug, shake hands, or have other physical contact with customers and staff

  • All staff wear masks

  • Stay 6 feet away from customers and each other, stick to the station you are given. The only person moving around is the cleaner and M.O.D

  • Staff wash hands every 30 minutes, every time they use the washroom, before and after leaving kitchen, and between clearing tables and between cleaning general areas and clearing tables.

  • Staff wash hands with soap and water

  • Staff do not touch face

  • Staff members that are running food or clearing tables wash hands before and after

  • Customers wait outside for tables, at marked distanced points.

  • Doors are propped open or have hands-free openers

  • Host assigns group table number and they then seat themselves at the numbered tables

  • Washrooms are marked with 2 person occupancy limit and customers are told to wait until there is room inside to enter, lineup area marked with tape on floor.

  • Deliveries are dropped in back door area, once driver leaves they are unpacked there and removed to kitchen by cook.

  • Paper menus handed to customers at entrance and disposed of after use

  • Single-use condiments and salt and pepper, cutlery, are dispensed from bar when order is placed

  • First Aid- if a customer requires first-aid, staff may provide first-aid materials from a distance to be applied by themselves or by a member of their household. If the customer’s injury requires further intervention, staff will call 911




  • Drinks are dispensed from the bar, no table service. Drinks are set on the bar, customer collects- no hand contact

  • Each table has an empty space for servers to clear plates and glasses, with a sign saying “leave empty plates and glasses here, please do not obstruct or bring plates or glasses up to bar”

  • No salt and pepper/condiments/menus left on tables. Salt and Pepper and ketchup sachets dispensed with drinks at bar

  • For any refills, customers line up at normal queue

  • All food served in takeout containers and with single-use cutlery that customers can take with them if they would like to take home

  • The queue is marked with decals and tape on the floor leading up to the bar where orders are taken

  • The same person dispensing drinks is running food from the kitchen

  • Water Station at end of bar with sealed glass water bottles and disposable cups



  • Plexi-glass barrier at end of bar where orders and payment are taken

  • Customers handle the Credit Card machine and their cards themselves, it is then sanitized after each use with a paper towel and sanitizer

  • Max two bartenders behind bar service area, one stationary at payment point, the other moving to serve drinks, but staying as far away as they can

  • Every time a till is used and you are walking away from it, wipe down screen. 

  • Orders taken and paid for at order area, receipt left on bar for service bartender who then dispenses drinks



  • Clearing plates and glasses:

    1. Done by staff in cleaner position

    2. Wear mask

    3. Clear one table at a time and wash hands between

    4. Ask customers to put empty plates and glasses at edge of table, don’t reach for them

  • After tables are cleared, tables and seats thoroughly cleaned

  • No items stay on tables between customers

  • Surfaces all cleaned thoroughly before open and after close

  • Staff area is cleaned before open and after close

  • Bathrooms are cleaned once per hour

  • All high touch communal surfaces cleaned once per hour

  • Cleaning logs kept and updated hourly (kept in each bathroom and at end of bar)

  • Hand-washing protocols posted behind bar and in every bathroom

  • Hand sanitizer at entrance, at till and credit card machine, near washrooms/atm



  • One kitchen staff on duty at a time

  • Kitchen staff stays behind the line (demarcated by tape on floor) while FOH staff go in and out

  • Only one FOH staff in kitchen at a time 

  • Start with limited chipper menu and use disposable plates until next phase

  • All deliveries are left in rear exit door area, then accessed by kitchen staff after delivery driver has left.

  • Kitchen door is kept closed

  • Cleaner is responsible for cleaning high touch kitchen areas on service side of kitchen once per hour with their other cleaning duties, cook cleans surfaces and high touch areas behind the line once per hour and keeps separate log

  • All tools and implements as well as appliances are cleaned at end of shift

  • Containers are emptied and cleaned every day

  • Kitchen staff wash hands between preparing food and accessing fridges, upon leaving and upon re-entering kitchen, on using the bathroom or taking a break, and at 30 minute intervals.



  • Signage posted at entrance and throughout the venue regarding physical distancing 

  • Floor Plans attached

  • Tables arranged to allow 2 m distance, booths already separated with high partitions

  • Host at front door to seat people and track capacity (host on radio if they need help)

  • Separate entrance and exit (exit through cottage area)

  • Host explains protocol (where to queue, where to order, where to pickup)

  • Bar service only

  • Lineup demarcated by lines on the floor

  • Party size- max 6 people, must be seated with your party

  • No bar seating

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